Igloo ice is a family owned business based in Montague Gardens, Cape Town and Sebenza, Johannesburg. It was founded in 1998 to supply premium quality pre-packed ice. We produce and distribute our OWN ice to ensure you receive the highest quality products available. Our technologically advanced machines are fully automated so our ice is never touched by hands and comes out perect.

Igloo Ice is open 365 days per year and our ice is produced and distributed directly from our premises.


Our refrigerated trucks ensure delivery of the highest quality ice. The water used to make our ice passes through a 0.5 micron filter, which removes all dirt, odours and tastes. This enables us to supply pure, hygienic ice. To ensure top quality, our hygiene standards are also randomly checked by independent micro laboratories. Our food safety system is audited and we follow HACCP principles. Certification is available for all our clients, upon request.


Igloo Ice is proud of its success. We are dedicated to consumer enjoyment, product availability, service and our customers success. We also aim to continue gaining market share by entering new potential markets and providing our clients with a top quality product.

Our clients will also continue to enjoy the high standard of service that they have come to expect from us.

You can find our ice at all major retailers.


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